Thursday, March 10, 2011

To Blog or Not to Blog

Once Again...
That is the Question?


  1. The answer you seek grasshopper is YES Yes!Welcome back! I hope your son is doing well up there in Washington state. I hope you are too my friend.

  2. Well Greg whatever you decide you know I'll be supporting you. I've often thrown around this very question and I find inevitably I still blog and find it so much better than what sad little services like FB offer...I use that out of necessity for the most part but blogging is something special but of course this is only opinion. Grace and wisdom to you Greg, I have no doubt you'll know just what it is you should do.

  3. Good Afternoon Toodie and Joe,

    I used to read quite a few blogs. But let’s face it, after a while, it is hard for us to all keep up with one another. Especially when things warm up in the spring and into the summer…

    I think the WLS changes took the wind out of many of our sails too.

    But I truly believe that writing (blogging) allows us to be more reflective with feedback (wisdom) from friends we respect…Both a good thingy and helpful.

    Blog Quest (Blogger)… “Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive!”

    Have a nice evening…Greg

  4. Hi Greg,
    Popped over from Toodie, it has to be a personal choice. I have wondered myself, but I am still blogging, sometimes more than others. I hope you will decide to again, I enjoy reading your blogs.
    God Bless - Nita

  5. Nita…Will blogging take us away from Bejeweled Blitz?

    1. NO!!!! Nothing will take us away from Bejeweled!

  6. Just stopping by to say hello, Greg. Concerning blogging, it is a question we all ask from time to time I think. I am still here, I am very busy, but blog, and visit when I can.
    I am sure you will figure out what's best for you.
    Hope to see you around from time to time, because you have alot to share, and alot of people who have missed you, and really care.
    God Bless You Greg. Take care, and have a wonderful weekend.
    Dianne :)


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